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The consules of the club board
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2023-05-30 Finalisation of in situ modification plan until 2028 - low energy, natural resources and liquidity cost

2023-05-30 Progress on newest revision of mutual benefit co op - human and cow quality of life improvements (old version here)

2023-05-30 Fruit of year long gradual pasture adaption - double spring milk yield YoY without external fertiliser, concentrate feed, pesticides

2023-05-01 Guaranteed feed, storage co op with a trusted partner within 15 Km range

2023-01-01 Fortified co op with a trusted animal, land lord within 15 Km range

2022-01-22 Enabling drone telemetry close distance world wide range complement for redundancy, cloud

2022-01-21 Data transfer improvements (owl tree castle) world speed, resilience and stream capability

2021-11-01 Reducing Methane, CO2 emissions significantly by feeding Algae Seaweed Natural Oils Wheat

2021-03-01 Renewal of critical infrastructure

2021-02-01 Restructuring of our business infrastructure towards Switzerland

2020-04-01 New distance measuring unit integrated into main controller for slickness.

2018-08-15 Inter bot communication of several Km

2020-07-01 New version of the versatile remote control. Reducing cost by factor 10.

2020-07-01 New distance measuring unit integrated into main controller for slickness.

2019-10-01 New living space construction planning finalised (8 in 2021). Greening ensured in direct proximity.

2019-10-01 New product: IP web cam outdoor capable security surveillance system with zero hassle history view

2019-04-27 Significant cost reduction, simplification of the versatile waterproof ultra sonic sensor system

2019-03-26 Open Eco club team forms further with skilled charismatic reinforcement

2019-03-0: Autonomy for flying swarms of snitch, including live map updates

2019-02-26 Remote control: Increase safety by triple redundancy

2018-12-31 Open Eco club sides with veteran engineer friend with big international and technical overall experience

2018-08-15 Organize bots in a member system

2018-08-08 Riverbridge: Heating breakthrough. Finally all may fall into place. This is so relieving

2018-08-01 Get universal hydro remote control to work

2018-07-19 Blue rover mows, creates lanes of grass landscape [insert link to video]

2018-08-15 Repair tractor and extinguish sudden giant fire on diesel tank. Thanks to my little brother for instant help

2018-08-15 Fix model car electronics, replace motor after intense testing manoevres

2018-07-15 Organize bots in a member system

2018-06-19 Hilltop: Get rough plaster at northern, eastern walls straight again.

2018-06-01 Riverbridge: Finish flat at level 1

2018-05-01 Machines: BlueMower: Use wireless perimeter + Sunray

2018-04-20 Machines: Design autonomous blue lawn mower @ 300€ total part cost

2018-04-15 Web: Standardization on Composer + Git overlay

2018-04-15 Web: Standardization on Symfony|Laravel, Flow|Neos, Aimeos

2018-04-14 Riverbridge: Started floor heating construction @ level 1

2018-04-14 Riverbridge: Painted last remaining white wall @ level 1

2018-04-11 Equestrian farm: Plastered westernmost wall of horse stables

2018-04-01 Riverbridge: New contract at conditions that benefit both sides significantly

2017-12-19 Virtual time machine: Fine tune timing of breakthrough

2017-12-18 Virtual time travel breakthrough

2017-12 Horses: Earth, concrete works for new riding ground

2017-12-01 Shift time from dead HannibalAI to alive HybridAI

2017-11-30 Water level alarm system success (expected 6V but got 4..7VAC with sign alternating DC component -3.6..3.8 put positive side to use for triggering alarm as AC signal alarm raised only by 1VAC and proved unreliable)

2017-11-25 3D printing success (needed to adapt to colder temperatures approx. 5 degrees celsius)

2017-11-24 Used interwinter weather opportunity to finish western hobbit wall + garden path 1/3

2017-11-19 Beagle bone blue shines, interbot communications success

2017-11-14 Communications module attached to BeagleBones in an as compact, simple as possible way (requires 10 min)

2017-11-14 Mailserver working

2017-11-13 All websites up and running

2017-11-10 Mitigating hacker attacks: New shiny safer, simpler, up to date server

2017-11-08 Water proof level 1 material ramp

2017-11-05 Mini roof walls north east. Rush lay planks on level one harvest entry platform (during night) and protect it using tar before heavy rain arrives at dawn (vampire action).

2017-11-04 Create mini hobbit roof walls for earth and plants in south west. Create harvest entry platform between hobbit storehouse and riverbridge castle.

2017-11-03 Order all logic, comm parts for Walker, Natural heater, Manipulator, Burgau comm, HAMAG bender, Golf cart

2017-11-02 Design hydro power plant Burgau comm, minimalistic scalable DC motor speed controller (Golf cart).

2017-11-01 Think a component selection strategy ensuring modularity for all projects (HAMAG, worlddevelopment, ...)

2017-10-31 Established connection between riverbridge and hilltop

2017-10-28 Finished hobbit ceiling. Closed roof. Did withstand latest storm. :-)

2017-10-25 Finished last 2 hobbit, tikal windows

2017-10-24 Finished steel, wood floor, hatch, construction above cellar (tiles missing)

2017-10-23 Oiled, laid wooden bars on top of hobbit roof

2017-10-22 Finished hobbit hole steel roof construction

2017-10-21 Fetched wooden bars .2 * .1. Ground bars for roof and entry to riverbridge base level 1 (remember old stairs got removed).

2017-10-21 Fetched another pallet of bricks for hobbits

2017-10-21 Cleared border, laid natural stones. Damaged parts of the eagle terraces

2017-10-20 Finished major groundwork for vortex stairs (all but last step, needs additional steel I beam of length 2.85).

2017-10-19 Surrected roof, spiral stairs at north west frontier

2017-10-19 Redesigned, executed roof construction one last time, now flat, yet more hobbit-like. Room for additional terraces, maybe stone bakery oven. Redesign frees half of the bought metal for walker (400 Kg)

2017-10-16 Redesigned roof another time. A nice natural fire place on top of the hill for epic future throngs

2017-10-16 Removed the second fence and laid ground for the helix stairs (Bauantrag pending). Poured north western hobbit wall|stairs foundation and laid more bricks.

2017-10-15 Poured concrete at repurposed metal fence (rebar) for hobbit roof

2017-10-15 Collected leaves, put them to a nice natural place in the forest (legally)

2017-10-14 Inserted stainless steel chimney inserts into cellar

2017-10-14 Started border rework at hobbit hole contact edge. Removed fence, laid bricks.

2017-10-13 Continued hobbit hole walls. Second hobbit window. Built hobbit 1.8m diameter door arc.

2017-10-12 Continued northern hobbit hole wall. First hobbit window.

2017-10-12 Got, unloaded, zinc painted 3 steel I beams for solar holder, hobbit roof.

2017-10-12 Redesigned hobbit roof. Cost reduction by 50%.

2017-10-11 Solved details of the solar panel holder that integrates with the eagle terraces and the hobbit hole.

2017-10-11 Designed new level 1 outside entry including natural stairs, fancy siding.

2017-10-11 Determined height slope of hobbit hole walls to be able to lay 6 more layers of bricks (average).

2017-10-11 Measured green hobbit hole roof. Crazy construction, every steel beam different length and angle. 3D model proved difficult to get accurate. So real world measurement it was.

2017-10-10 Fixed egyptian bakery oven (again). Lights do not withstand the heat for longer than 2 weeks it seems.

2017-10-10 Brought and shoveled concrete gravel sand mix to riverbridge western front and heap for ground light stones at northern hobbit wall.

2017-10-10 Finished horse stables rework. Tidied up.

2017-10-9 Fetched 3t of new bricks for shed, border rework. Distance 20Km

2017-10-8 Walker base settled, parts specified

2017-10-7 Extended brick chimney into the cellar. Cut slots for metal floor support. (no more concrete saw dust in level 0 from now on :-))

2017-10-6 Finished removing concrete stairs level 0.

2017-10-4 Started removing concrete stairs level 0 (level 1, 2 wood stairs have been removed last year)

2017-10-4 Remove leftovers from times of wilderness at westernmost fence.

2017-10-3 Finished repair of westernmost foundation by shoveling tons of gravel

2017-10-3 Started horse stables rework

2017-10-2 Filled up at southern hobbit hole wall with rough gravel from `Forggensee`

2017-10-1 Plastered southern wall of hobbit hole. Waterproofed it.

2017-10-1 Dug out southern hobbit hole wall base

2017-9-30 Finished eagle terraces

2017-9 Laid empty pipes for electricity, water.

2017-9 Constructed extra foundation at west side of hobbit hole shed

2017-9 Laid horse proven bricks, natural stones around hobbit hole shed

2017-9 Natural stone circle laid around grass cirle at position of worlddevelopment logo's gear planet

2017-9 Grow first brick walls of hobbit hole.

2017-9 Started eagle terraces

2017-8 Dug out 30 m trench for water drainage from shed, gutters, a possible future car port

2017-8 Dug out foundations. Poured concrete.

2017-8 Aligned foundations, gate, circular grass, flower bed.

2017-8 Started hobbit hole shed series

2017-8 Rebuilt westernmost foundation. Fixes structural integrity

2017-7 Finished removing auxiliary stairs

2017-spring Finished gate system metal works

2017-spring Finished brick roundabout