Flair & Feeling

Happiness depends upon comfort, surrounding, reciprocal love and caring for and sharing with living being one likes. Only what you give is what you really have. If it is appreciated.

Air & Protection

It is wise to protect what one relies upon.


No rush, smog and society pressure. Exist. Feel. Live and let live. Learn how small and weak oneself actually is, finding what really matters in this world. It's not material.

Flora & Fauna

Respecting ethics

We are building a global self sustained eco system
without toxical stuff.
Yet driven by free, open, repairable, sustainable, high tech1
combining the benefits of both ways of life.
Finding a balance between the modern and natural times.
1 Without automated tech, over time there is too much hard, lengthy, repetitive work. Quarrel, poverty follow which is a contradiction to what we want to achieve.
Less industry and mass production or make it fair, social, sustainable.
As a side effect helping others to help themselves. (Teach instead of simply give once.)
Reducing the potential for crisis, quarrel & war. Strive. For harmony! Collaboration! Union! World wide wealth! World peace! There is a way. It is together
We want reciprocal society. Love & peace of soul. A world without abuse can work via distributed, free, open. A business growing less should not be seen as a problem. Ethical, social benefit should be included in profit caluclation. Work should make sense, be fair, educated. Think more, lift easier.


Let nature do and take a wise part. Feel natural.